Patient S

I have never been treated so professionally and kindly as I was by [my OR nurse].  She made me feel like I was one of her family members.  At the end of my surgery, [my recovery room nurse] was just as nice, patient, informative and kind.  They made sure I was feeling OK, gave me so much information that I needed to know.  Information that I didn’t know to ask for and when I did ask questions, they were very helpful and patient with all the answers.  On the day I was there, there was a very bad snow storm.  By the time I was done and in recovery, it was 7pm.  [The nurses] never rushed through my recovery and never made us feel bad for having them there that late… Your staff deserves a round of applause for their exemplary service.  I feel very blessed and lucky to have had the opportunity to have been treated by you.

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