January 27th, 2016

Julie Grego

WelcomeJanuary 27, 2016

Julie Grego is the Corporate Compliance/HIPAA Privacy Officer and is responsible for overseeing United’s corporate compliance plan activities. She is primarily responsible for the leadership and oversight of United’s compliance program which includes policy development and implementation, training, and on-going.

John Badal

WelcomeJanuary 27, 2016

John Badal manages United’s sales force and is a member of the company’s executive team. Prior to joining United in January of 2012, John was the Owner and CEO of Southwest Therapies (SWT), a mobile lithotripsy and laser company in.

TaShunda Green

WelcomeJanuary 27, 2016

TaShunda Green is the Director-Clinical Operations of United Therapies, LLC. She oversees the operational management and financial performance of United Therapies’ Clinical Fixed Site Operations which includes three fixed sites in Illinois and our newest fixed site in Albuquerque, New.