Many solutions, one destination

From the OR to the back office and everywhere in between, United Therapies provides customized, turnkey solutions to help our partners realize smoother operations, more efficient and significant savings.

Capital Equipment Purchasing

Our healthcare facility partners realize cost savings by working with United Therapies to provide mobile lithotripsy and surgical lasers when they need service.

But we know every facility still requires costly capital equipment to stay on the leading edge of patient care. United Therapies can help healthcare facilities when capital expenditures are necessary. We are proud to leverage our buying power along with our relationships with major manufacturers to benefit your organization. Because we purchase in high volume quantities at regular intervals, we’re uniquely positioned to negotiate attractive contracts on behalf of our partners.

From laser systems to cystoscopes, we can help your organization realize the most beneficial financial arrangements possible. Contact us today for get a quote for your next capital expenditure

Fiber Purchasing

United Therapies is pleased to provide our partners with a one-stop access to quality fibers at significant savings. Rather than negotiating with large manufacturers on a small or one off order, we leverage our bulk purchasing power to access the most cost effective fibers and contracts possible. As a result, our partners experience the same significant savings and streamlined ordering process as a major bulk purchaser.

Machine Maintenance

Having access to a surgical system means nothing if it doesn’t work. That’s why we’re proud to offer the industry’s most comprehensive and reliable system maintenance program.

Regularly scheduled maintenance

Each quarter, we perform preventative maintenance on each and every one of our systems. In addition, a state licensed physicist completes an annual service review for radiation safety, with copies of the most recent preventative maintenance and service reports available at scheduled appointment.

In-house quality control

When it comes to quality and reliability, we leave nothing to chance. That’s why all lithotripsy system maintenance and repairs are handled in house by United Therapies technologists. This closed system ensures a faster response time when a system malfunctions; 24-hour technical support; consistent, quality service; tested, verified replacement parts; and tightly controlled quarterly preventative maintenance records. These preventative checks are documented, monitored and reported to our Quality Improvement Committee, with data regarding each machine’s performance (retreatment rate, fluoro time per procedure) reviewed routinely by management.

Mobile monitoring

In addition to our tightly controlled maintenance program, our mobile fleet is managed under a rigorous obsolescence plan. That means we never wait for a technology to become outdated before we replace it. To bring our partners the safest, most advanced technology available, we’re continually monitoring advances in the industry and working with manufacturers to plan the effective lifecycle of our technology.

Quality Improvement Data

At United Therapies, we have been measuring and reporting on Quality Improvement and outcome measures since 1992. We know that hospitals and ASCs are also now required to submit data on outpatient and inpatient quality of care in order to receive maximum reimbursement as well as to provide patients with better cost and quality transparency. To make this process more streamlined and efficient, we provide our healthcare facility partners with specific quality measures related to process, outcome, and efficiency.

Revenue Cycle Management

We know one size doesn’t fit all – each healthcare facility has its own distinct needs. From the most basic billing to the most comprehensive collections process, United Therapies provides customized back office support tailored to suit your needs.