Mobile Lithotripsy


For more than three decades, United Therapies has been the industry leader in extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) technology for the treatment of kidney stones.

We treat more than 15,000 patients nationwide each year and are proud to have among the lowest retreatment rates in the country. Each of our highly trained technologists performs hundreds of procedures each year and is certified by the Council for Urological Interests, the recognized standard of excellence in the industry.

Some of the advantages of partnering with United Therapies include:

  • Access to best-in-class medical technology
  • Quarterly Quality Improvement data reporting
  • No large capital expenditures or outdated technology
  • Highly trained, experienced and certified technologists
  • Convenient 24/7 equipment scheduling
  • Complete back office support, including accounting, billing, collecting, legal, scheduling and compliance, allowing physicians and facilities to focus on patient care

Our reliable network of mobile lithotripsy units means no high-dollar capital equipment expenses, recurrent maintenance fees or costly down time for your facility. Highly trained United Therapies technologists bring you the most cutting edge, reliable technology and significant experience when and where your patients need it, from large urban hospitals to small rural facilities

Advanced Technology

Our current portfolio of mobile lithotripsy systems represents the most advanced, innovative technology available, including Dornier, Dornier Compact Delta, HMT LithoTron and Storz SLX.

Because of our size and focus, we’re able to regularly update our technology to keep up with advances in the industry. As a United Therapies partner, you’ll always have access to the best and most reliable solutions available.


With our convenient 24/7 equipment scheduling service available via email or with a live representative, you can be confident your patients will receive the care they need when they need it.

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Certified Technicians

Every United Therapies technologist performs hundreds of lithotripsy procedures each year. But that’s only the beginning of our technicians’ expertise.


On average, a United Therapies technologist has 8 years of experience providing lithotripsy procedures, with senior staff averaging nearly 20 years of hands-on experience.

All in all, we’re proud to offer our facility partners the most experienced technologists, skilled in offering turnkey solutions and acting as an integrated part of the OR team.


All of our technologists have successfully completed the Council for Urological Interests’ certification process. This three year certification is an industry standard of excellence for professionals providing lithotripsy services.


In addition to extensive experience in the field, our technologists sharpen their skills through continuing education and ongoing training on both the equipment and the procedure.